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      Series Name 888 Classic Slidings
      Profile wall thickness 1.2mm、1.4mm、2.0mm
      Width of outer frame 80mm
      Glass notch 11mm、22mm
      Features and Advantages
      Product features of 888 series
      • Feature 1: With an outer frame width of 80mm, it adopts double-side wrapping design, which ensures the beauty of the product.
      • Feature 2: The inside frame hook material increased to 40mm wide and the change in the structure of sectional materials ensure the airtightness of whole window and enhance the wind-resistant performance.
      • Feature 3: The lower strut rail of outer frame is made with a rabbet at the inner side, which, coordinating with original airtight bar, significantly strengthens the airtight effectiveness.
      • Feature 4: The product may be installed with inside and outside screens with same sectional materials; the sectional materials may be freely chosen according to the customer°?s requirement.
      • Feature 5: The guide track at lower strut rail of outer frame is installed with seam covering bar, which effectively strengthens the airtightness of the whole window.
      • Feature 6: The lower strut rail of outer frame adopts multistep design with a drop of 22mm between the guide tracks, and thus enhancing the airtightness of whole window.

      • 1)All inside frame screws are nonmegnetic stainless steel screws with a long life and good performance.
      • 2)With the inside frame designed to be able to dismantle, they are safe and easy to clean and carry out maintenance.
      • 3)Installed with a wind stopping and theft-proof device, the window leaf is theft-proof and drop-resistant. When wanting to clean a window leaf, you can dismantle it from inside the room after removing the theft-proof device.
      • 4)Adopting special design, the window leaf may be dismantled from the inside; being easy and safe, it may be easily handled by an ordinary family member.
      • 888 sliding airtight windows break with tradition, and being airtight, waterproof, sound-insulating and pressure-resistant, they are the best protection weapon you are looking for. The special airtight, waterproof, sound-insulating and pressure-resistant structure design fully provides the protection you need; the elegant appearance can reshape the building and create the distinctive style of a master hand.
      • Smart ventilation system

      • 888 series is compatible with existing ventilators in the market, realizing a smart ventilation system in home furnishing and a smart life featured by good health, high security and energy-saving.
      • Working principle of smart ventilation system

      • There is differential pressure between inside and outside air, which is often formed by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the room and the wind pressure outside of high-rise buildings, and balancing the differential pressure will allow the air to flow through the ventilator switched-on, and thus ventilating the room.
      • Single-style ventilators provide healthy, safe and energy saving smart ventilation systems by combining the hardware on top hung casement windows.
      • The difference between a smart ventilator and a traditional ventilator lies in:

      • The former often has such auxiliary functions as sound absorption, heat recycling, air filtrating and humidity and temperature adjusting besides of ventilation, and thus resolving many defects brought by opening window for ventilation.
      • So-called smart ventilator means a ventilator with special functions.
      • Smart ventilators are the supplement of high ranking doors and windows.
      • With high quality performance, 888 series are recommended by nationwide designing institutes and state key projects. They are also widely used in such places as hotels, villas, apartments, resorts, urban residential district and high ranking clubs.

      • 888系列铝料采用6063合金,并经T5处理,抗拉强度160Mpa,能耐强震而保持不变形。相接处设置了密封条,防雨条,毛刷条,确保了良好的气密性及水密性

      • Performance Index

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