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      Series Name 8088 Series Energy-Saving Sliding Door and Window (Pouring Type)
      Profile wall thickness >1.4mm / >2.0mm
      Width of outer frame 84mm
      Glass notch 27.6mm
      Features and Advantages
      Product features of 8088 series
      • Characteristic 1: energy-saving and environmental friendly
        8088 series energy-saving air tight window apply pouring connection in its inner frame and outer frame, realizing better energy-saving and stronger connection The pouring material is polyurethane, which is environment friendly and energy saving
      • Characteristic 2: delicate craftsmanship
        The outer frame has a width of 84 mm, and is coated bilaterally, with no exposed notch, it fits closely with outer window material, in this way not only ensure a high-level performance , but also delicate appearance of the windows.
      • Characteristic 3: robust and endurable
        The aluminium profile, hardware and sealing rubber strip of the 8088 series all have good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its weather resistance and flexibility, is far more better that other products of the same kind in the market.
      • Characteristic 4: comfortable and user-friendly
        The bottom rail of the outer frame applies wide rail design, thus improving load-bearing of rollers and increase its service life, and ensuring smooth pull-and-push, noiseless and stable in its operation, which meets requirements of modern people for a better life

      • 8088 series is compatible with concealed screen windows and push-pull screen windows commonly used by installation companies and in the market, with various products to choose from, clients are spared from worries about in decoration and installation.
      • 8088 series applies high quality imported materials, and its mesh uses imported compact material, which can protect you from dust, insects and mosquitoes and pollen, creating a better housing environment. Suitable for the elderly, patient with diseases of respiratory system and people who are allergic to pollen
      • 8088 series has various functions and high level performance, suitable for office buildings, hospitals, residential buildings, hotels and schools, etc.
      • The outer frame of 8088 series has two methods of joining One is that the bottom rail joins with vertical frame at an angle of 90 degrees; the other is that the bottom rail joins with vertical frame at an angle of 45 degrees; Clients can choose based on their preference and do not need to buy separately in the market. Clients can also choose to install the screen window on the inner trail or the outer trail of the aluminium window according to actual needs.

      • 8088 series is compatible with existing ventilators in the market, realizing the intellectualization of housing ventilation system
      • Creating a smart life more healthy, secure and energy saving

      • 8088 series is recommended by many designing institutes and national key projects because of its high performance is widely used in hotels, villas, apartments, holiday villages, urban communities and senior clubs
      • 8088 series is super wind-tight and is applicable in area with extreme weather conditions like typhoon, snow and rain. High physical performance and weather resistance, creating a secured and carefree housing environment

      • Design of outer frame and inner frame of 8088 series energy saving window can strengthen the overall stability of the window, its section of armrest is ergonomically enlarged, rendering the whole window with more smooth opening and better wind resistance Fist-class air-tightness, water tightness and energy-saving

      • Performance index

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