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      7500 Double linkage Side-hungs
      Name 7500 Double linkage Side-hungs
      Thickness >1.4mm
      Outer width 75mm
      Glass notch 32mm
      Outer Insulation Strip I14.8
      Inner Insulation Strip I14.8、C14.8、IC14.8

      • Characteristics of integrated window screen double-layer linkage window

        This product has a width of 75mm and a magnificent and beautiful appearance, and will meet the mainstream demand of the current urban civilian market;

        This product has a single-handle controlled integrated window screen double-layer linkage window system, and adopts advanced screen window system design to make it easier to use;

        Different from existing integrated window screen double-layer window products on the market (existing products on the market adopt two sets of hardware fittings for separate control), this product only uses one set of hardware fittings two realize double-layer linkage control;

        Different from existing fixing mode by diamond yarn on the market, the patented diamond mesh exclusively owned by our company is adopted as fixing modules, which allows simple and fast installation and brings great strength;

        The sashes can be opened and positioned at any angle, thus the degree of freedom of usage can be substantially enhanced;

        This product adopts a modern shape of a simple style, realizes a magnificent and graceful effect of finished products by matching different surface treatments, and is compatible with various decoration styles on the market;

      • It features in a single-handle control double-layer linkage system which combines the technological sense and mechanical sense

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