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      Name 5400 energy-saving barrier strip side-hung system
      Thickness >1. 4mm
      Outer width 55/60/65/70/80mm
      Glass notch 55mm - 64. 5mm
      Outer Insulation Strip I14. 8 / I20 / I24
      Inner Insulation Strip I14. 8 / IT20 / IT24
      5400 product features
      • 5400 sytem aluminum side-hung airtight windows with latest barrier strip thermal break technology. The whole window consists of an insulated aluminum profilex and excellent parts and materials, where the profiles are composite of insulation material in connection with aluminum alloy material, thus making them insulated from heat.
      • With a greater demand on environmental protection and energy conservation in modern life, more and more advanced energy-saving products and processes are being used in China’s construction industry. Since energy-saving insulation is closely related to people’s life of millions of households, it comes as the first problem for buildings, where the doors and windows are critical of the energy-saving system. At present, China's building energy consumption accounts for more than 27% of the total in society, while that caused by glass doors and windows does about 40% of building energy consumption, therefore, energy-saving insulation aluminum windows are the best choice.
      • LPSK energy-saving insulation airtight windows of high quality are environmentally friendly to help reduce energy consumption and achieve green living.

      • 5400 system may both adopt different glass notches according to the pressure line and install (5+27+5) hollow built-in shutters. With window frame perfectly combined, a wonderful home life can be realized.
      • With hollow built-in shutter glass techonology, shutter curtains may precisely installed in hollow airtight glass. The folding, expanding and dimming functions of shutters may be controlled with a magnetic slider or electronic remote control.
      • Being easy to get dirty and aging as well as fragile, traditional shutters have a short life cycle with a warranty period hardly up to 5 years even for those made of the best materials, which heavily affects the appearance of buildings. As a result, they are explicitly prohibited especially in large cities of China.
      • The shutter angle of hollow shutter windows can be adjusted as you wish to create a comfortable and warm indoor environment. The hollow shutter glass can ahieve a shading rate of 90% when fully expanded, a light transmittance of over 82% when fully folded and realizes both shading and lighting when the blades are parallel.

      • 5400 system supports ventilators on the market to realize smart ventilation system
      • and provide a smart living experience that is healthy, safe and energy-saving

      • Equiped with excellent performance, 5400 system can be widely used in hotels, villas, apartments, resorts, communities and senior clubs in the city.

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