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      Name 3700(3750) Side-hungs
      Thickness 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 2.0mm
      Outer width 46mm, 55mm/50mm, 60mm/td>
      Glass notch <45mm
      3700 product features
      • Distinguished at a low price, 3700 system has unique economical seris with easy assembly.
      • 3600 system can be widely used in hotels, villas, apartments, resorts, communities and senior clubs in the city.

      • Pressure line combination

      • 3700 (economical) and 3750 Series adopt YX6*** general pressure line
      • 3700 ordinary system adopts FX38*** general pressure line.
      • Different pressre lines can be used to realize different glass notches for installation of (6 + 9 + 6 + 9 + 6) mm three-layer and (5 + 27 + 5) mm electric shutters.

      • 3700 system supports ventilators on the market

      • to realize smart ventilation system
      • and provide a smart living experience that is healthy, safe and energy-saving

      Based on 20 years’ accumulation of doors and windows technology and China's climate features of different regions, LPSK introduces series of aluminum doors and windows and energy-saving thermal break aluminum doors and windows that are adapt to Chinese market. Regardless of different demands in different regions, those perfect product series are capable to provide the best styling and performance in both cold and warm places.

      • Wall thickness of aluminum building profiles is an important indicator of impact on construction quality;

      • the international standard is 1. 2mm; profile thicknesses of the system all reach over 1. 4mm, making stronger and more stable structures.
      • Profile thicknesses exceed 1. 4mm, and the width of outer frames reaches 60. 8mm, ensuring better performance of strength, stability, wind pressure resistance and safety.
      • Profile diagram

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