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      3500 Series Energy-Saving Side-Hung Door and Window (Insulating Strip)
      Series Name 3500 Series Energy-Saving Side-Hung Door and Window
      Profile wall thickness >1.4mm, 2.0mm
      Width of outer frame 50mm,56mm,100mm
      Heat isolating strip of inner frame I14.8, I/CT14.8, I18.6, I20
      Heat isolating strip of outer frame I14.8, I/CT14.8, I18.6, I20
      Features and Advantages

      • Dual color design

        3500 series applies bridge cutting technology, creating an effect of dual colors inside and outside Perfectly match your housing decoration

      • Planar frame design

        The inner frame and outer frame apply planar design, delicate and smart in appearance

      • Smart ventilation system

        It is compatible with existing ventilators in the market, realizing a smart ventilation system in home furnishing and a smart life featured by good health, high security and energy-saving The ventilator resolves the contradiction between air tightness and the need for fresh air, not only show high performance in sound insulation, cleanliness and energy-saving, but also in introduction of fresh air 24-hour ventilation, suitable for families with old people and /or children

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