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      KI20 Green Sliding Doors
      Name KI20 Green Sliding Doors
      Thickness ≥2.0mm
      Outer width 180mm
      Glass notch ≤29mm
      Outer Insulation Strip I24
      Inner Insulation Strip I12

      • Systematic design double improves windproof, soundproof, airtight and watertight performance

      • Energy-saving

        Energy-saving structures combined with high insulation materials help reduce heat exchange between indoor and outdoor and save over 40% energy. Intuitive experience: Decrease in heating and cooling costs.

      • Rain-proof

        Unparalleled waterproof performance can be maintained even in case of continuous rains
        to facilitate drainage, the bottom rail of outer frame is designed as slope at the outdoor side;
        Water barrier is designed at the indoor side to effectively prevent backflow of rainwater outside.

      • Other performance advantages

        Multi-point locks make better anti-theft performance.
        Fixed rollers are adjustable of a height of 7mm, with two anti-collision measures for door frame protection;
        the lead rail and outer frame bottom rail being seperated, inner fan slides more smoothly and the outer frame bottom rail has a better overall effect.
        Three track design is adopted for screen door of steel net that is mosquito-prevented and anti-theft.


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