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      KH20 Interior Movable Doors
      Name KH20 Interior Movable Doors
      Thickness ≥1.2mm
      Outer Width 90mm
      Glass Notch 10mm

      • Concentrate modern aesthetic essence, and provide better comfortability and safety

      • Elegant appearance

        Three sides of outer frame and interior window sashes adopt group angle connection; simple processing and integrated door pocket design make its visible side more elegant.

      • Strong customization

        The art glass or dalle with a thickness of no more than 10mm may be installed.
        The advanced sticky grain paper, cloth art and spray-painted posters may be adopted.
        Various type of doors may be produced to coordinate with interior design requirements.

      • Bring you comfortable experience

        The inside frame and outer frame coordinate with each other by magnetic force, making open simple and lock convenient and preventing the opening leaf from swaying and moving.
        Designed with two big handle on two sides of the outer face, making it more comfortable to use.
        Using special rolling wheel to make sliding more smoothly.

        The largest single leaf reaches a size of 1000mm wide and 2100mm high.


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