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      KH10 Interior Side-hung Doors
      Name KD20 indoor shift doors
      Thickness ≥1.4mm
      Outer width 100~200mm

      • Excellent environment protection

        Made of aluminum alloy and applying the brand’s signature surface processing technology, no formaldehyde and no color fading for a long period, so as to bring your living environment with lasting beauty.

      • Multi-layer safety protection

        Interior doors made of aluminum alloy combine such functions as water resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance; compared with traditional wood doors, they are particularly suitable for the space with special functions, such as toilets, kitchens, and storage rooms

      • Diversified style of appearance

        Multiple materials or crafts may be chosen, such as solid wood board, compression moulding, stoving varnish, metal surface, transparent glass.
        Creative surface processing techonology can achieve a variaty of design styles, such as Chinese & elegant, modern & simple, European & new classical, modern & American.


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