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      KB20 Energy-saving Sliding Airtight Windows
      Name KB20 Energy-saving Sliding Airtight Windows
      Thickness ≥1.4mm
      Outer Width 80mm
      Glass Notch 30mm
      Outer Insulation Strip I14. 8
      Inner Insulation Strip I12

      • Airtight and moisture-proof

        The water-tight drip cap not only ensures water-tightness and better air-tightness; the inner window screen not only protects you from mosquitoes, but also improves security and water drainage.

      • Proper structure makes it more solid and durable

        The inside frame standing materials with excellent strength are reinforced by upper and lower guide vane of high quality, which also prevents collision and friction between the sectional materials and heat insulation bar;
        The hook materials of inside frame are made of aluminum alloy, significantly enhancing the strength and safety performance;
        Durability and beauty is achieved by concealing screws, preventing brush strip from dropping out, and fixing heat insulation bar and sectional materials.

      • Diversified design and more convenient installation

        The cover plate of inside frame standing materials adopts adjustable design, making the whole window more beautiful and easy to install and dismantle;
        The ribbon window, rectangular window, corner window, door window or multi-angle design may be adopted for it.

      • Diverse design, easier installation

        The stand material cover of inner frame is adjustable with easy installation and removal
        to make belt windows, strip windows, corner windows, side window of door and cant windows, making the whole window more beautiful.


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