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      KB10 Airtight Sash
      Name KB10 sliding airtight windows
      Thickness ≥1.4mm
      Outer Width 80mm
      Glass Notch 30mm

      • Sliding airtight windows with high matching suitability and extreme rain protection

      • Maximized adjustability

        Fully considering demands of overall household set, regardless of entrance doors, outdoor windows or indoor shift doors, door and window structures, can be easily adjusted based on the environment.

      • No seepage risks

        To ensure watertightness by improving rain water emission to the outside with waterproof hood design of strut rail, slope of bottom rail and higher indoor side;

      • Improved integrated sliding experience

        Handle design by ergonomic principles provides a comfortable touch at the time of opening and closing;

      • quality handle cover is of humanized design with elegant appearance.

        To realize smooth and stable sliding, wide track is adopted for top and bottom rails of outer frame, with roller adjustable.


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