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      In 2014, Suzhou Lopsking Aluminum Co., Ltd. will looked for intended cooperation logistics companies.

      2014-10-09 00:00:00

      On August 15-31, 2014, Suzhou Lopsking Aluminum Co., Ltd. (LPSK) will publicly look for intended cooperation logistics companies for 2014--2015 annual transport of goods of dealers nationwide. Announcement on the matters is hereby given, and welcome qualified logistics service providers of Suzhou surroundings to call and discuss, details as follows: 

      I. Project Description 

      1.  Delivery of our aluminum profiles and related accessories as well as publicity materials to places designated by dealers nationwide (South, East, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast China), involving transport volume changes of lines due to market changes. LPSK shall not assume any liability for transport volume difference during actual operations. To avoid difficulties during late operations, logistics companies shall consider the risk of transport volume difference during cost computing and objectively estimate the actual shipping cost.

      2.  Shipping volume and vehicles description 

      In 2013, LPSK shall have a total transport volume of 39000T using trailers or flatbed trucks (6.8m, 13m and 17.5m vehicles),

      the cargo basically weighs 2.5T-3T/m3;

      3.  All transport adopts door to door service, and transport prices must include taxes as well as delivery and pickup costs, transport insurance to be borne by logistics companies themselves; 

      4.  The logistics companies shall be responsible for all risks of products after they leave our factory;

      5.  The logistics companies must send Freight Bill of Lading to LPSK for monthly settlement, and LPSK shall pay in 15 days after receiving invoices issued by the logistics companies; 

      II. Qualification Requirements on Logistics Companies 

      1.  Registered capital: no less than RMB1 million; transportation margin of no less than RMB100,000
      2.  At least three years experience in products transport or more than one year of experience in transport of related products, related qualification for operation of logistics enterprises and no bad history of cooperation; 

      3.  LPSK shall not accept joint cooperation among multiple vendors this time, or the tender shall be invalid; 

      4.  LPSK will review the qualification of logistics companies, those qualified shall go through the following procedures; 

      III.  Description of Intended Demand and Seeking Access

      1.   Under the principle of "open, fair and just", the LPSK shall seek for transportation companies openly. 

      2.   Interested tenderer enterprises should send or e-mail related documents to teh responsible person of LPSK by  , 2014. After qualification examination, we will notify those qualified logistics companies;

      IV.  Documents required for initial examination of intended cooperation 

      1.  Business License 

      2.  Highway Transportation Certificate

      3.  Tax Registration Certificate 

      4.  Certificate of Organization Code 

      5.  Other written information to prove the strength and qualifications of the company

      Please e-mail registration and related information to the following address and send specific stamped documents personally to Profiles Logistics Division of LPSK

      Recipient: Zhang Wenbin

      E-mail: www.495061203@qq.com

      Recipient Address: 31, Yangcheng Lake Middle Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

      Postcode: 215131

      Tel: 15850182231

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